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Project Areas 3rd Period 2008-2012

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Project Area Z: Central Tasks


Project Area A: Molecular Biology of Product Formation

In this subject area the projetcts use and develop a wide repertoire of methods such as new high throwput technologies and efficient expression systems for target proteins. Central aspects are processes of the coded genes, the stability and translation of the produced mRNA, and further developed posttranslational processing.


  • A1 Production of recombinant proteins with Bacillus megaterium and Aspergillus niger (Jahn/Dersch)
  • A3 Generation, screening and charakterisation of modified glycosyltransferases (Buchholz/Hofer)
  • A6 Production of recombined antibodies in Bacillus megaterium and Aspergillus niger (Dübel/Hust)
  • A7 Structural biology of glycosyltransferases for the optimisation of biotechnical processes (Heinz/Seibel)
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Project Area B: Systems Biotechnology of Product Formation

This subject area focuses on modeling of production processes, with the aim to describe the whole integrated biotechnological systems, quantitatively. This implies product formation, morphology and growth analysis as well as bioinformatic, the analysis of multiphase (fluid dynamics, transport processes, shear stress) and of transport and protein production processes in biopellets.


  • B3 Influence of the environome on the morphology and productivity of filamentous fungi (Aspergillus niger) (Hempel/Krull)
  • B4 System Biology of Product Formation by Aspergillus niger (Jahn/Nörtemann/Jänsch)
  • B7 Micromechanic properties of filamentous fungi (Kwade/Kampen)
  • B8 Metabolic process analysis and optimization of bacterial cultivations (Bacillus megaterium) (Franco-Lara)
  • B9 Integrated databases, bioinformatic tools, analysis and modelling for system biology with B. megaterium and A. niger (Münch/ Schomburg)
  • B10 Systems biotechnology for production of glycosyltransferases with Bacillus megaterium (Jahn/Franco-Lara)
  • B11 Metabolic Network Dynamics for Production of RecombinantGlycosyltransferases (Wittmann)
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Project Area C: Process Technology

This subject area focuses on the isolation and purification of target proteins from culture media. Existing separation processes in industry have to be developed and further optimized o enhance the efficiency and to reduce the cost structure. A rational basis with theoretical pre-detremination of separation processes in complex biological systems will be created regarding the scale up.


  • C2 Preparative gradient chromatography of proteins (Seidel-Morgenstern)
  • C6 Nanoanalytical approaches for protein production processes (Schilling/Ludwig)
  • C7 Protein Purification with Functionalized Magnetic Nanoparticles (Garnweitner/Schilling)
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Project Area D: Application Technology

For the development of integrative processes from gene to product the SFB is completed by the scope of application technology. In this regard, the pharmaceutical products and appropriate release systems have to be studied to engineer and to deliver a drug dosage precisely at the desired target and at the indicated dosing rate.

  • D1 Drug delivery Systems for a controlled protein-relase (Bunjes/Menzel)
  • D2 Microchips for protein analytics and -diagnostics (Büttgenbach/Dübel)
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Transfer Area

The aim of the recently introduced transfer project “Recombinant production of new phytases by Bacillus megaterium” is the fast transfer of results and ideas achieved in the Sonderforschungsbereich SFB 578 into industrial application. Furthermore, major new aspects should be part of ongoing fundamental research.

  • TF2 Recombinant production of new phytases by Bacillus megaterium


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Project Area Z: Central Tasks

Goals of the SFB are supplying tools for the integrated development of biotechnological processes including the purification processes and application of recombiant proteins.



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